Helen Hopekirk


  • BORN:
    Edinburgh, Scotland
  • DIED:
    London UK, Europe and Boston USA
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Balooloo, My Lammie. Air from Grieg's Minstrelsy, arranged by Helen Hopekirk
Written in: 1905   Performed by: Frances M Lynch
Hopekirk was another emigrant from Scotland who settled in Boston in 1897 about 20 years after Williamina Fleming. It is just possible that one of Mina's many outings to the theatre might have included a concert given by this famous pianist! The song itself is about a mother singing to her child about it's missing father - an echo from Flemings own life.

Slumber Song
Written in: 1925   Performed by: Frances M Lynch
Muriel Robertson is known for her work on the tsetse fly and the parasite it carries, Trypanosoma gambiense, which causes sleeping sickness. This rich harmonic lullaby written for a choir of women's voices represents the sleep that would elude victims of this deadly disease at night and afflict them by day. Both scientist and composer traveled the world in pursuit of their careers, but Hopekirk did not return to Scotland.